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Leonardo Morris

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microsoft has released office 2010 setup installers to msdn and technet subscriber downloads for free download by the paid subscribers. the edition of office 2010 released on msdn and technet currently is microsoft office 2010 professional plus on retail channel version. been on retail channel means that, unlike office 2010 volume license version, users who try to install office 2010 has to enter a product key during setup wizard to start the installation. office 2010 professional plus include the following office 2010 applications:

Torrent Office Professional Plus 2013 Fr Rtm X86 Et X64 Msdn French

microsoft office applications were originally for ms-dos and later windows, and even today remain a mainstay for ms-dos users and for the majority of the users of windows. on ms-dos, the user interface is a command line interface. the programs are also run with the dos shell, which provides functions such as prompting for user input, logging of output, or echoing of input, and can be found in the command prompt of any ms-dos operating system.

the newest version of office uses the xps document format as its primary file format. this is a proprietary format produced by microsoft, and supports various advanced features, such as automatic creation of standard and customized bookmarks, and even supports open xml formats such as docx, which used to be the de facto format for xps files.

office includes specialized tools to manage groups of files and folders for sharing, as well as scripts to generate and modify files, and special tools for creating office documents from files created in other programs. all of these tools are controlled by a ribbon interface. the ribbon-like toolbars are built into the user interface, and are not simply visual styling effects. each toolbar item has a command, and the command is associated with an action that it performs. in office, the toolbar is usually the most used interface component.


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