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The Huff! - It 's Too Much Blu-ray Download Movie

THE LORAX ($34.98 BluRay combo; Universal) THE CAT IN THE HAT DELUXE EDITION ($24.98 BluRay combo; Warner Bros.)MY LITTLE PONY: ROYAL PONY WEDDING ($14.97 DVD; Shout)MIA AND THE MIGOO ($19.98 DVD; EOne) -- Hollywood keeps making movies based on books by Dr. Seuss and they keep sucking. It's not hard to understand why when you see something like the 85 minute, padded out Hollywood flick The Lorax (complete with celeb voices like Zac Efron, Taylor Swift and Betty White) side by side with The Cat In The Hat, the 1971 TV special that's a trim and tight 25 minutes and features voice actors like Allan Sherman, Daws Butler, Thurl Ravenscroft and other people you've never heard of before. The Dr. Seuss books are typically 32 pages long (like most picture books) and contain very few words. Padding out those minimalist stories to feature length means adding in unnecessary chase scenes and subplots and other gilding that obscures the haiku-like masterpieces Seuss created. Mind you, even keeping it short doesn't guarantee success; the TV special version of The Lorax back in 1972 is better mostly because it's shorter than the film. The preachiness of one of Seuss's more didactic books comes through even more clearly. But there's no question you'll get much more value out of watching and rewatching The Cat In The Hat than the latest stab at puffing up a Seuss tale into a movie. That won't stop kids from wanting to see them; if you've got a little girl, it's quite likely you've had to endure My Little Pony. It's kind of cute that Royal Pony Wedding is tied into the Royal Wedding but comes out so long after Will and Kate tied the knot it seems sweetly out of step. But that's where the cuteness in this banal series ends. (Canterlot? Really?) Take a stab at a lesser known property and check out Mia and the Migoo. It too has a nature-friendly tale, just like The Lorax, not to mention a star-heavy cast including Whoopi Goldberg and Wallace Shawn. But the personal nature of this story and the care with which the hand-drawn animation was created make this far more distinctive and engaging. And if your kid becomes crazy about it, you won't mind seeing it repeated a bazillion times so very much.

the Huff! - It 's Too Much blu-ray download movie

In a New Jersey orphanage, pigtailed Marion Davies (as Mamie Smith) causes a slapstick ruckus; consequently, she is brutally abused. Then, Ms. Davies' luck changes; and, she is sent to the loving home of motherly Hedda Hopper (as Edith Caldwell). Ms. Hopper's husband is away, on an extended trip to Mexico. So, Davies helps raise Hopper's baby into cute young Jack Huff (as Alexander "Zander" P. Caldwell Jr.). The years are kind to Davies, who grows from freckles and pigtails to beautiful complexion and curls. When Hopper passes away, Davies must fulfill a promise to find Huff's father, but the wicked orphanage from her past declares custody. Davies takes the boy, and sets off to meet adventure, danger, and Harrison Ford.The odd title "Zander the Great" refers to the Greek leader Alexander the Great; to wit, Davies shortens little Alexander's name to Zander because, "Alexander is such a big name for a weenie baby." Davies spends the much of the picture made-up like Mary Pickford (a road taken by many, to be fair). The comedy and drama don't mix very well; as usual, Davies is better with the former. Finally, the movie becomes a western.Director George Hill and the MGM team do some nice work; especially, the beginning scenes with Davies, and the ending expiration scenes featuring George Siegmann (as Black Bart).The sexual prowess of rabbits is a tiresome source of amusement.This was a big 1923 Broadway success for Alice Brady.


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