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Boobs Teen Paradise

'Without Breasts There Is No Paradise' tells the story of 17-year-old Catalina, a gorgeous young girl who descends into a decadent world of easy money as a teen prostitute "pre-paid girl".[5] She lives in a poor neighborhood with her single mother, Doña Hilda and brother, Bayron, who is a "hitman" and gets paid for killing people on a motorcycle. Catalina dreams of a life of luxury, just like her friends, Paola, Ximena and Vanessa. Yessica is her best friend and a ring leader in charge of the prostitution business of the group and stays in touch with the drug traffickers for when they want girls to stay with them for the weekend. Although, all the drug traffickers are all admired by Catalina's beauty, her breasts aren't big enough to attract a wealthy pusher whom she can seduce into making her a pampered paramour. She sells her body to a drug lord, Cardona, in order to raise money for her breast augmentation.[6]

boobs teen paradise

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Sick of poverty, Catalina decides that getting breast implants is her only ticket into a better life. As Catalina chases for her dreams, her boyfriend, Albeiro gets tired of waiting for her, never really knowing where she might be or whom she may be with and where she gets so much money from. He eventually develops an intimate relationship with Catalina's mother, Doña Hilda. Later on, while on regular hitman duties, Bayron is caught and killed by the police. During Catalina's pursuit to "paradise", she is raped, gets an abortion, receives a bad surgery and gets a terrible allergic reaction from it and dives into the sex trade. Catalina eventually gets everything she ever dreamed and wanted when she marries drug trafficker, Marcial who falls in love with her instantly. Although, she loves Albeiro. Yessica, soon becomes envious of everything that Catalina has and betrays her, by recording Catalina discuss her true feelings about her much older husband, Marcial. Yessica then later showing it to Marcial, leaving Catalina on the street and poor again.[7][8] After four operations, one operation left her without her breast implants, she felt like she was alone after everyone she cared about betrayed her, she loses the will to live, tries to commit suicide but isn't able to, so she seeks help from Marcial's bodyguard, Pelambré, who is secretly in love with her. Catalina persuades Pelambré to hiring hitmen to kill Yessica. Instead she arranges for them to kill her, while making them think she is Yessica. As she falls to the ground dead, she had written in a book, "It's a lie, without breasts there is no paradise."[6]

Gustavo Bolivar's heroine is a "pre-paid girl," which means she sells her services around-the-clock for a set period, hoping to make extra money.[6] The screenwriter says Paraiso highlights an unflattering part of his country: teenagers in the Colombian narco-culture getting the breast implants.[7] 041b061a72


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