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The Trap Torrent

Downloading torrents is risky for you: your IP and leaked private data being actively tracked by your ISP and Government Agencies. Protect yourself from expensive lawsuits and fines NOW! You must use a VPN. It is the only way to download torrents fully anonymous by encrypting all traffic with zero logs.

The Trap Torrent


Don't believe it! Despite rumors of a PC version in the works, Rockstar has yet to even announce GTA 5 for PC. Until they do, expect any type of torrent claiming to be a PC version of the blockbuster title to be nothing more than a fake.

Leading an investigation, TX-828 tracked Ematt to the planet Cyrkon. Through bounty hunters searching for the smuggler Han Solo, the stormtrooper sergeant discovered that Ematt was planning to be rescued by Solo and the Wookiee Chewbacca. TX-828 and Beck set a trap for the rebels outside of their starship, the Millennium Falcon, and managed to capture Ematt, Solo, and Chewbacca. However, TX-828 and Beck ultimately lost custody of the trio when rebel sympathizers aboard the yacht Miss Fortune fired upon TX-828's stormtrooper squads, allowing the three fugitives to escape aboard the Millennium Falcon. In an attempt to recapture the rebels, TX-828 and Beck returned to the Star Destroyer Vehement and briefly pursued the Millennium Falcon before it finally escaped into hyperspace.

In order to let the trio escape and enter the Imperial ambush, TX-828 discreetly intervened, shooting the Gran and human bounty hunters. The three rebels fled aboard a landspeeder back toward the spaceport, and TX-828 began to follow. At this time, the sergeant was contacted via comlink by Beck, who informed him that the ship had been found, requesting a report. TX-828 retold the events, and Beck complimented his work. When the rebels were an estimated five minutes from the trap, TX-828 contacted Beck, keeping her updated.[1]

Beck told the sergeant that once he arrived, he would assume command of the forty stormtroopers stationed on the promenade outside the docking bay. Less than four minutes later, TX-828 arrived at his position, telling Beck that the trio of rebels was twenty seconds away. On cue, Ematt, Solo, and Chewbacca entered the docking bay, and TX-828, armed with his E-11 blaster rifle, covered their exit as Beck sprung the trap. Outnumbered, the three rebels surrendered, and once they were disarmed, TX-828 approached Beck and remained at her side. Beck then ordered for the trio to be searched, bound, and transported to the Vehement, so TX-828 began with Ematt, thoroughly searching the human.[1]

The monitoring of sediment transport in the Manival Torrent and its catchment (Chartreuse mountain range, France) began in spring 2009 with a sediment budget approach. The objective is to explore topographic, spatial, and morphologic correlations with sediment transport activities throughout the catchment and its torrent channel. The catchment area is 3.6 km2 (800m relief) which feeds a 1.8 km length (mean gradient of 16%) of the torrent terminating at a sediment trap (25,000 m3 capacity). A terrestrial laser scanner is used for monitoring erosion and deposition in the source area, main channel, and sediment trap. In the torrent, 39 cross-sections are surveyed after every sediment transport event. A tipping-bucket raingauge located at the lower extent of the source area is used for monitoring rainfall intensities. Finally, a preliminary airborne LiDAR survey (1 meter grid) is used as the base map and for morphometric analysis. Three significant events occurred in 2009; a debris flow induced by summer convective storms, and 2 floods induced by long duration rainfall events in autumn. These events revealed the cycle of entrainment in the main torrent channel (debris flow originated in the torrent) and its recharge from the source area. Terrestrial LiDAR results revealed events in the source area that were disconnected to the torrent during the debris flow event. In the main torrent, particular reaches have experienced both significant erosion and deposition for all of the events. Topographic and spatial correlations are made identifying the main controlling characteristics of these reaches. Topographic characterizations of disconnection for activity from the hillslopes to the torrent are also made.

Also, can any of the peers send me a whole fake file? For example, if I download a .torrent file which should download a file with hash sum A, and a peer sends me a file with hash sum B, will the torrent client notice that and block it?

You're much more likely to be at risk of someone putting up a "trap" torrent online that's designed to contain a virus or malicious content, but that would have been created by attackers and seeded by them as well (plus anyone who fell for the trap).

Torrents rely heavily on the SHA-1 hash function: torrents are split into equally sized pieces and each piece's SHA-1 hash is kept in the info section of the torrent, which itself is identified and hence protected by its SHA-1 hash.

SHA-1 is showing signs of weakening. For example, early this year, an attack was published that allows a large organisation like a state actor or corporation, or a wealthy individual, to produce two different blocks of data with the same SHA-1 hash. This is not quite the same thing as finding a collision for an existing block of data though, and mainly for this reason the attack could only be practically used against the hashes of the pieces for now and even then it wouldn't be possible to take over an third-party torrent, you'd have to produce your own. For now. It could be that a full collision attack isn't far off. Every year the chance that someone secretly has a full attack of SHA-1 increases.

The authors of the attack also published a way to harden SHA-1 though. The idea is to detect likely SHA-1 collisions and modify them in such a way that the different blocks of data get a different hash again. Technically this hardened SHA-1 is different from SHA-1, but since as far as we know no full attack of SHA-1 exists yet, for now non-malicious files will in all likelihood have the same hardened and regular SHA-1 hash so software relying on SHA-1 will keep working and only malicious files will have different hashes. But this fix will only help if software uses it and so far the most popular software library for torrenting hasn't fixed its implementation.

The 1977 Japanese horror movie Hausu has become infamous for its exaggerated, cartoonish representations of teenage death: of girls being eaten by pianos, submerged in bleeding clocks, smothered by a torrent of pillows, or dismembered in kaleidoscopes of swirling, two-dimensional objects. When writers care to analyze the film at all, it becomes an emblem of atomic destruction or an excursus on the need to educate a less informed, consumer-oriented audience; its wild aesthetic flourishes solely as a cipher for its political critique. Making use of queer area scholarship, cultural studies work on shōjo manga, and historical investigations into the gendered qualities of the Japanese nation, this article seeks to refocus this often-disregarded film from being understood solely as either a kitschy cult artifact or an allegory for Japan's wounded postwar nationality. Rather than cultivating a coherent political project, Hausu aligns homoerotic bonds between women both with the capacity to inflict injury and as a potential escape from injurious bonds. To view the film in this light is thus to reconfigure this "bad object" (as in, trashy midnight movie) through the lens of queer theory's bad object: a portrait of same-gender intimacies without nonnormative guarantee.


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