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The A List [TOP]

Owner Morgan Robertson combines her passions for romance and filmmaking through her company Mod Motion. For the past seven years she's been preserving couples' big days on film in the Richmond area. There are a lot of old-school wedding videos out there, but I have a modern, stylistic approach," Robertson says. "It's important to keep up with the latest trends and technology."

The A List

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The Bachelor Boys have topped the category for best wedding band again this year. Couples love the high energy and ability to customize the setlist, which includes classical, rock 'n' roll, Motown and Top 40 options. Choose from the three-piece band that's fit for ceremonies or smaller receptions, up to the 14-piece band that can keep the dance floor going all night long.

A comprehensive assessment of the world's 30 largest listed financial institutions shows a clear disconnect between the concrete short-term targets and actions needed to address the climate emergency and the limited, long-term targets currently being set by the financial sector. This research see...Finance and Climate RiskSustainable FinanceCorporate America and the Build Back Better ActOctober 2021This briefing analyzes the 20 largest, US-based companies with InfluenceMap Organization Scores over 65, indicating broadly positive positioning towards climate change policy. Despite their apparent support for climate action, the majority of these companies are not publicly endorsing the Build B...Climate Policy EngagementFinance and Climate RiskUnited StatesClimate Funds:Are They Paris Aligned?August, 2021This research assesses 723 equity funds specifically marketed using ESG- and climate-related key words, with over US$330 billion in total net assets. It does so on the basis of two climate criteria (portfolio Paris Agreement alignment and fossil fuel intensity) likely to be of primary interest to...Finance and Climate RiskSustainable FinanceView All Finance and Climate RiskSector, Country and CompanyView All Sector, Country and CompanyEnergy PolicyBig Oil's Real Agenda on Climate Change 2022September 2022Following up on InfluenceMap's 2019 edition of 'Big Oil's Real Agenda', this latest report compares and contrasts the public communications, business operations, and policy engagement of 5 'supermajor' oil companies: BP, Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil, and TotalEnergies. The report provides evidence ...Energy PolicyClimate Policy EngagementEuropeUnited StatesFossil FuelsAirlines and European Climate PolicyJuly 2022New research shows how legacy airlines are leading opposition to European climate policy, amidst a growing divide within the airline industry in their climate policy engagement.

InfluenceMap's 2021 A-List of Climate Policy Engagement identifies 15 corporate leaders advocating for ambitious climate policy across a range of sectors and regions. To qualify, a company must exhibit sufficient support for ambitious climate policy, strategic levels of engagement with climate policy, and leadership in its sector. Links to industry associations egregiously opposing climate policy can disqualify a company from the list.

European companies make up the majority of the A-List, having consistently and actively supported Paris-aligned climate policy in the EU. Conversely, companies from the US, Japan, Australia, and Canada are far less common in this list, which could be a major reason for the lack of binding, progressive climate policy in these regions. Active support from the European corporate sector has likely amplified the leadership of the EU on climate since the Paris Agreement, while insufficient or obstructive activity from the corporate sector and its industry groups has held back climate policy in much of the rest of the world.

Before joining the RMHC system, Matt held several fundraising positions at local Long Island non-profits including those specializing in the Arts, Human Services and Higher Education. He has been a member of the Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP) for over a decade and previously served in leadership positions, offering his expertise to growing professionals in the non-profit field in his community. A classically trained vocalist and avid runner, Matt enjoys a broad range of personal passions with his wifeand three children as lifelong residents of Long Island.

Thinking about ways to make mental health more affordable and accessible to people from resource-poor communities. Working with my team and listening to feedback about treatment services is key before taking the risk to do what others are not doing.

My goal is to foster a culture of open communication, and I try to lead by example. I ask quieter employees for their opinions and listen to what they say. I want to give everyone an opportunity to shine and to create an environment rooted in trust. We might agree or disagree, but in every case, we respect each other.

In Business Insider's second annual list of the most powerful entertainment stars right now, we look at who has best proven their might in the past year. They're not just the highest-earning, but the most visible, the most talked-about, the most respected, the most valued, and the most in-demand at our current moment.

As a tool for the professionalization of the management of business schools, adopting any formal list of journals entails both pros and cons (van Fleet et al. 2000). On the positive side, there is clear value in the emergence of a globally acknowledged, explicit certification measure, as opposed to engaging in the time-consuming and politically sensitive process of generating journal lists locally (Graffin and Ward 2010). In contrast to the UTD list of 24 journals and the FT list of 50 journals, the UK-based Association of Business Schools maintains a list for Academic Journal Quality Guide with 1040 journals (Harvey et al. 2007). A survey of U.S. management departments reports 1008 outlets on the lists compiled by 35 departments (van Fleet et al. 2000, p. 851). The average list has 72 journals, with one institution reporting 287 outlets. Obviously, such proliferation of items on journal lists contributes to the continued fragmentation of business and management disciplines that have little consensus on standards of excellence (Pfeffer 1993).

When FCI Construction, a 60-person architectural design andconstruction company in Mountain View, California, wanted to findnew commercial and residential customers to target with directmail, it tried a new option: an online list company. FCI'smarketing director, Lori Lewis, decided an online list companywould save time and money, and eliminate the hassles she wasexperiencing with other attempts to gather new prospects.

She was right. "In a small company, it's crucial to getthe most out of every marketing dollar you spend," saysForrest Linebarger, 31, the owner of FCI Construction. "Onlinelist sources are one way to find new clients at a reasonableprice."

This guide is a reference for the Philadelphia Special Needs Community. It is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of all resources but a starting place to begin to get help. The Philadelphia Autism Project does not recommend any specific provider or services. Please reach out to each agency to share your needs and questions.

Providers were contacted to make sure their information was up-to-date, including languages that they supported, insurance type accepted, and any nuances that families should know about. Note that the resources listed herein are generally geared towards underserved populations and programs that support evidence-based practices. 041b061a72


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