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MATLAB is a matrix-oriented mathematical computing environment used for engineering design. It allows the user to program, analyze, simulate, solve problems in engineering and science, and interpret data.

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The quantity of longer microcracks in VOI2 remained constant (Fig. 6A). The difference between the quantities of microcracks in VOI1 (control region) and VOI2 (damage region) was significant after excluding from the analysis microcracks leading to the specimen surface (Fig. 6B). We have previously reported that damage characteristics of microcracks fully embedded in bone are summarized in Table 2. Note the large inter-specimen variability of Cr.Dn ranging between 0.23#/mm2 to 3.88#/mm2 (VOI1) and between 0.25#/mm2 to 4.59#/mm2 (VOI2).


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