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Thomas Kopylov
Thomas Kopylov

Brian Eno Ambient 3 Zip

Much of my work is beatless and ambient (think Brian Eno, Stars of the Lid, etc) but I do sample and glitch quite a bit, so BM3 seems to be perfect for my writing. I do, however, use a lot of odd time signatures, even for beatless stuff -- meters like 5/4, 7/8, 9, 11, etc. I will do a lot of polyrhythms as well like 7 over 4, etc.

Brian Eno Ambient 3 Zip

It's 'odd' that BM can't handle beat/denominator other than 4. When I do slow stuff I may set it to 6/8, but then I can 'swing' notes or drag or whatever with dotted triplets and the like, and the effect is pretty cool with ambient guitar when you add things like tape delay. An easy workaround would be to record a simple metronome or guide in Logic in 6/8, import into BM3, set the project to 6/4 and just turn off the internal metronome. Maybe even record a set of beat templates outside of BM and import for rainy days. I'm thinking out loud here.

We have thankfully now left behind an extended period when ambient music seemed to have gone out of fashion, being seen as some sort of embarrassing mistake of the recent past. Without a doubt, ambient is back! Settle yourself in for a long, relaxing journey through some of the best ambient music in history.

It's been a very busy and productive 2019 for Grammy-nominated electronica progenitor BT. Last month his new ambient set, BETWEEN HERE AND YOU (Black Hole Recordings), was released and quickly soared to #1 on the iTunes Electronic chart. Now the companion album, the experimental EVERYTHING YOU'RE SEARCHING FOR IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF FEAR, is due out December 13th, also via Black Hole Recordings. Click here to access album art for both and please see below for their respective track listings. To purchase BETWEEN HERE AND YOU, please click here. To pre-order EVERYTHING YOU'RE SEARCHING FOR IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF FEAR, please click here.BT had this to say about the ambient BETWEEN HERE AND YOU, ""This is a record that I've been working on between projects and in my spare time for the last year. I have always been a massive fan of ambient music from Brian Eno and Robert Fripp to Tim Hecker. I've released albums with an ambient slant to them and gotten an extraordinary response from fans. My favorite thing about ambient music is it has an intended purpose. This record is designed, among other things, as a way to deepen your meditation practice, fall asleep after a hectic day or study. I've heard from such diverse people as special forces operators to neurosurgeons that they love listening to this while (respectively) decompressing and operating. Completely blows my mind!"


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