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Contraband Police !EXCLUSIVE!

Our intelligence regularly provides information about suspicious drivers. Search their vehicles using a UV flashlight and then use the appropriate tools to extract the smuggled goods. No amount of contraband should cross the border!

Contraband Police


Upgrade your police station to increase its defenses and improve subsequent inspections. However, keep in mind the rising cost of maintaining your station. Successful inspections, foiled smuggling and successful interventions are a few ways to earn cash.

Contraband Police shines in the aspects that deviate from simulating a monotonous job. In addition to processing papers, you must also transport illegal border crossers, investigate murders in a semi-open world, deliver contraband to police bases, upgrade your base, engage in shootouts with rebel factions, purchase new guns to assist you in your overarching mission, and travel around the map. These features differentiate Contraband Police from its competitors and demonstrate its uniqueness.

Set in 1981, the game takes place in the mountainous region of Karikatka, where you play as a young officer trainee responsible for ensuring that no illegal goods cross the border. But things quickly get complicated as you encounter corrupt officials, criminal organizations, and desperate smugglers who will do anything to get their contraband across.

Similar to games like The Mortuary Assistant, you play in first person view, and will have multiple jobs to do. Document checking is the easy part, but as time goes on, you have more responsibilities. A government order forces you to pay attention to the country of origin on a passport. Notices of criminal activity require searching cars and tearing open goods in search of contraband. You also drive convicted criminals to labor camps, while dropping off contraband at the main police base.

Get Contraband Police Trainers and cheats for Steam with the WeMod app. Desperate smugglers may attempt to escape from the control zone. It is your duty to stop and arrest them! Buy and upgrade police cars to improve the effectiveness of your pursuit. Cheat with our Contraband Police Trainer and more with the WeMod app!

Edit: it worked only after i told the person to get out of the vehicle and found contraband, and when he tried to go back in the car and flee the mod worked cus he just sat there in the car. so i guess it only works if they try to go back in the car and flee but not drive straight through.

you should define the sort of duty. if it's a crucial job, you may be owed a substantial amount of money, and you may end up having to retire. in any other case, you should be able to find a job that may pay less. once a driver completes a certain period of duty, then he or she will be entitled to leave on a full pension. the players must come across as friends who are actually concerned about the well being of the visitors. the players will have to be careful, though, in that if the person they're looking for is desperate for money, the thief might take their car. so, they have to be cautious. though, the player can not go too far, as they will be shot if they get too much as they will be marked as criminal, on the other hand, if they are not criminal they will be forgotten by the vehicles that are in very good condition. if the vehicle is too far damaged, the player will get higher rates than one with better condition. in some cases, drivers can not be detected or can get out of their car with contraband. for example, a car might be able to pass through when looking for contraband. so, it's important to examine whether all the components are in place and are attached.if the driver of the car escapes, the player will get a fine and a court summons. if the player hits a police vehicle while driving, he or she will get a fine and a court summons. if the driver doesn't follow the orders of the police, he or she will get a fine and a court work as a policemen, you must be a british citizen. you can apply for a job as a police officer in england, scotland, wales, or northern ireland. the job must be in the police service, which includes the police, the council police, and the national health service police. 6a6f617c0c

Don't expect much from the graphics, as it's on par with Barnfinders and Gas Station Simulator. But, it not only looks better than Papers, Please that runs on a similar concept, but also has a political intrigue involved, character voiceovers in an Eastern European-sounding Conlang and some ingenuity involved with hiding the titular contraband. For example, hilariously bad papier-mache animals stuffed full of cigarettes, tires lined with cocaine and booze hidden in fuel tanks - if you ever watched documentaries on the work of customs inspectors, you know where to look.

I just played the free demo from Steam and it was pretty fun. There's an automatic checking feature to compare passport and entry permit details, but using it is optional and I only did it to figure out the age of drivers. You also get to drive around in the police van, delivering contraband and arrested prisoners and chasing down fugitives. The driving was pretty chaotic, but to be fair I never play driving sims, so that's probably why. The graphics aren't mindblowing, but they get the job done well enough.

Contraband Police is a new simulation game. The player becomes a police officer who controls cars and pursues criminals. However, it is not all. There is also a story. From time to time, you will encounter special events. One of them is the Mysterious Murder. You have to find the murderer. In this guide we will help you solve this case.

Dutyfullness, bribes, car chases, searching for contraband, and shootings. It all goes along and changes dynamically in Contraband Police. To find out what the game looks like, head over to our new release trailer:

"INDICTED" is a first-person psychological horror game exploring the fears of Arthur, a police investigator with a dark past. With immersive graphics and environments, and a touch of horror from the 80s and 90s. Thus bringing a unique experience of horror and survival.

Initially the Court limited Carroll's reach, holding impermissible the warrantless seizure of a parked automobile merely because it is movable, and indicating that vehicles may be stopped only while moving or reasonably contemporaneously with movement.238 Also, the Court ruled that the search must be reasonably contemporaneous with the stop, so that it was not permissible to remove the vehicle to the stationhouse for a warrantless search at the convenience of the police.239

237 Id. at 153. See also Husty v. United States, 282 U.S. 694 (1931); Scher v. United States, 305 U.S. 251 (1938); Brinegar v. United States, 338 U.S. 160 (1949). All of these cases involved contraband, but in Chambers v. Maroney, 399 U.S. 42 (1970), the Court, without discussion, and over Justice Harlan's dissent, id. at 55, 62, extended the rule to evidentiary searches.

245 An officer who observes a traffic violation may stop a vehicle even if his real motivation is to investigate for evidence of other crime. Whren v. United States, 517 U.S. 806 (1996). The existence of probable cause to believe that a traffic violation has occurred establishes the constitutional reasonableness of traffic stops regardless of the actual motivation of the officers involved, and regardless of whether it is customary police practice to stop motorists for the violation observed. Similarly, pretextual arrest of a motorist who has committed a traffic offense is permissible. Arkansas v. Sullivan, 121 S. Ct. 1876 (2001) (per curiam) (upholding search of the motorist's car for crime not related to the traffic offense).

Although officers who have stopped a car to issue a routine traffic citation may conduct a Terry-type search, even including a pat-down of driver and passengers if there is reasonable suspicion that they are armed and dangerous, they may not conduct a full-blown search of the car251 unless they exercise their discretion to arrest the driver instead of issuing a citation.252 And once police have probable cause to believe there is contraband in a vehicle, they may remove the vehicle from the scene to the station house in order to conduct a search, without thereby being required to obtain a warrant.253 "[T]he justification to conduct such a warrantless search does not vanish once the car has been immobilized; nor does it depend upon a reviewing court's assessment of the likelihood in each particular case that the car would have been driven away, or that its contents would have been tampered with, during the period required for the police to obtain a warrant."254 Because of the lessened expectation of privacy, inventory searches of impounded automobiles are justifiable in order to protect public safety and the owner's property, and any evidence of criminal activity discovered in the course of the inventories is admissible in court.255 The Justices were evenly divided, however, on the propriety of warrantless seizure of an arrestee's automobile from a public parking lot several hours after his arrest, its transportation to a police impoundment lot, and the taking of tire casts and exterior paint scrapings.256

253 Michigan v. Thomas, 458 U.S. 259 (1982). The same rule applies if it is the vehicle itself that is forfeitable contraband; police, acting without a warrant, may seize the vehicle from a public place. Florida v. White, 526 U.S. 559 (1999).

Police in undertaking a warrantless search of an automobile may not extend the search to the persons of the passengers therein257 unless there is a reasonable suspicion that the passengers are armed and dangerous, in which case a Terry patdown is permissible,258,or unless there is individualized suspicion of criminal activity by the passengers.15But because passengers in an automobile have no reasonable expectation of privacy in the interior area of the car, a warrantless search of the glove compartment and the spaces under the seats, which turned up evidence implicating the passengers, invaded no Fourth Amendment interest of the passengers.259 Luggage and other closed containers found in automobiles may also be subjected to warrantless searches based on probable cause, regardless of whether the luggage or containers belong to the driver or to a passenger, and regardless of whether it is the driver or a passenger who is under suspicion.260 The same rule now applies whether the police have probable cause to search only the containers261 or whether they have probable cause to search the automobile for something capable of being held in the container.262 041b061a72


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