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!NEW! Download Mostafa Attack Dinosaurs Apk

While playing this game, you may find some titular dinosaurs which attack both players and enemies. By moving forward you will find some items in your path which will help you to win this game. Like food, this will increase your health, if it decreases. Weapons will help you to defeat enemies as these have more hit points than the players. You can also throw weapons at enemies which will decrease their health.

Download mostafa attack dinosaurs apk

There are various characters in this game and all of these characters have two special attacks. You can use them against your enemies to deprive them of their health. The dinosaurs can also come after several internals and attack both of the parties

Dinosaurs can be neutral or enemies in the game. When neutral they are in green color; when enraged or attacking they turn into red color; when "defeated" they return to green color and stop attacking, thus moving off screen. Having no allegiances, dinosaurs will attack anyone in their vicinity, player or enemy. 041b061a72


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