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Leonardo Morris
Leonardo Morris

The Lutterloh System Pattern Making Zip UPDATED

#AD The dressmaking techniques of Lutterloh System International have been in circulation since the early 20th century, where in 1935, Maria Aigenberger Lutterloh came up with her ingenious system for making customised dressmaking patterns from just a single template. Taking inspiration from the art theorists of ancient Greece, Lutterloh has adapted...

The Lutterloh System Pattern Making Zip

The finished moulage can be used as-is for certain types of garments, including those for knits. But typically you use it as the starting point for making patterns of other types of garments. More on this later.

My mantra has become that you can only rely on any measurement system for the size of the body, NOT the shape. Both the size and shape are important for any patterns that are to have an accurate custom-fit.

If we make, it Spring will come! We are super excited to be making another Lila & June garment for our April sew-a-long. We will be making the very popular Picnic Dress and even more exciting, the wonderful and talented Aly from Sewcial Dee will be doing a tutorial for the dress!!! The Picnic Dress pattern is designed by the incredibly talented Kirsten from Lila & June!

Did you find the process easy? I purchased the full system 2 years ago and have picked up several supplements and they have been sitting on my shelf ? for the last 2 years. I need a push to do a pattern in one

Thank you Chris! Have a look on ebay for Eclair Coupe Paris . There is a US seller with vintage ones on cds at a much more reasonable price than vintage Lutterloh can be found for. Its a different set of rulers and also has no making up instructions but a similar sort of home drafting system. Very chic styles.

I made a few garments from the lutterloh books and I had huge problems with resizing the patterns. I now use my block patterns and draft my own inspired on the Lutterloh illustrations. And I use the miniature patterns as a guide.

I set about drafting it for an average 34 inch bust (86 centimetres as the system is German) and all went well apart from the front edge line which despite several measurement checks sloped off at a strange diagonal. I decided to just draw in the front edge as straight and ignore the measuring. After that slight adjustment the pattern pieces all looked like the ones on the Lutterloh diagram and so I was happy to go ahead and cut out the fabric. As the fabric was narrow it was quite a tight squeeze fitting all the pieces on especially the wide sleeves but I just managed it. As with Burdastyle patterns you must remember to add seam and hem allowances. Now when it comes to sewing up the garment there are no instructions with the Lutterloh system and you do need to have knowledge and experience of techniques such as attaching collars inserting sleeves etc, so for someone new to sewing this could prove a challenge. The blouse made up extremely well and all pieces matched. I particularly love the peterpan collar and the tuck effect to give the elongated cuffs.

I have even used those words in my reviews of garments I have made. When I am making that statement it is in response to a cue about the quality of pattern instructions in a template for reviews on Pattern Review.


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