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Leonardo Morris

Evil Lives Here - Season 5

Most episodes are done solo with only one close person to the suspect who committed heinous acts telling the story, though there are a few with two people featured. The producers are sometimes heard in the background asking questions to the person or persons being interviewed. Every episode depicts the person looking at pictures of themselves and or the suspect to reminisce on certain moments in their lives whether it be good or bad.

Evil Lives Here - Season 5

**This post discusses Evil Lives Here, a true crime show on iD that premiered in 2016 and has 8 seasons. It is probably your mother\u2019s favorite show. There are no spoilers. Also this is supposed to be a paid post, but I love this show too much to keep this subscriber-only.**

Part of my bias was the thought that most of these shows were exploitative. I grew up on CourtTV, which is absolutely horrible and the reason there\u2019s such an unhealthy relationship between media and the court system to this day. I assumed this type of programming hadn\u2019t progressed beyond CourtTV\u2019s design. Then I watched two seasons of iD\u2019s Evil Lives Here in a day and realized the entire true crime landscape has changed. Evil Lives Here premiered in 2016 (my mom was eager to tell me that I\u2019m late and this is her territory and she\u2019s BEEN watching). The show focuses on people who lived with or survived absolutely evil people and the signs they saw along the way.

However, if there is a season 13 in the works, based on release dates of the previous seasons it is likely that season 13 could air in January or February of 2023 and likely feature between eight and twelve episodes. 041b061a72


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