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Immigrate to Canada through Express Entry - A Brief and step by step Guide

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Canada has always been a dream destination for many Indians who want to immigrate to Canada, due to this they chase people who can help them in securing a permanent visa and pay them with hefty amounts. Whereas with the proper step by step knowledge, any person can acquire their visa just by meeting the requirements of Express Entry. So, don’t seek anyone’s assistance because you can do it by yourself.

The whole procedure can be completed online, So, no need to worry about. In this piece, you'll get the straight links as well to perform the various steps engaged at different levels.

Jump kangaroo has initiated a mission to safeguard your pockets and provide you the knowledge through which any person can do these formalities by themselves.

Mainly there are five types of visas to get there:-

1) Study Visa

2) Permanent Residence permit

3) Tourist visa

4) Business Visa

5) Work - Permit

Some other visas are also available which comes under various programs. To explore other routes for PR through which you can immigrate to Canada other than the express entry way, please visit our website

Express Entry Route

Express entry is the general procedure allowing a candidate to go to any province. Unlike a specialized provincial programe, a person can get the grant to enter into Canada and can live in any province of his choice.

Under this procedure, there is a point system known as CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System), under which you get a score based on your profile or documents you will produce.

The Canadian Government’s body IRCC (Immigration, refugees and Citizenship Canada) or CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) ranks your profile based on the information you provide under certain parameters given below.

1) Skills you posses

2) Your Educational credentials

3) Your English Language Proficiency

4) Your Work Experience

5) whether you have an LMIA

6) whether you have any relative there

7) And some other miscellaneous factors

And that score which you get under the calculation through CRS becomes the base on which they decide that whether you’ll get the invitation to Canada for a permanent residency or not.

The maximum Score under this procedure is 1200 out of which you get your score after the assessment done on your profile. Then they declare a cut-off score which you need to at least meet and even scoring above gives you the chance to secure the invitation to apply. Needless to say that Scoring below brings you no invitation.

Step By Step guidance on the Procedure of immigration thru the Express Entry pool

1) The very first step is to get your ECA (Educational credential assessment) done with the body WES (World Education Services). They assess your educational credentials and give you a report over it. Under this process, First, check for the credential requirements (documents you need to send them for assessment) on WES website. Then you have to convince your university or school to directly mail your transcripts or the needed documents in a sealed packed envelop to WES and this should be done without fail as a discrepancy in this will force WES to not to accept your credentials resulting into a rejection of the application. You may also check these FAQ's for further clarity on the requirements for Indian aspirants willing to go to Canada. After you complete the procedure of submission and fees payment, in 35 days they will give you the result. Check this link for evaluation fees to be paid to WES.

A sample report which they deliver after the procedure is completed can be seen here

2) Ielts - Its, International English Language Test System. To prove your English competency one needs to clear this test and its mandatory. Scoring good in this test will open the probabilities to get the P.R. easily. If you score this much or above👇

7 in Reading, 7 in Listening, 7 in Writing and 8 in Speaking

Your chances to get the visa increase.

Some other options are also available like PTE test etc.. So, you can find the appropriate test best suited to you in which you think you can score good and present this to the Canadian government.

3) Also, gather you work experience certificate of Canada or other than Canada. As this will help you to increase your score on CRS. Make sure these are the legitimate working documents as Canadian government will going to check these while you submit your documents in the step 5

4) Once you are up with your experience certificates, the score of the English Test and WES Report, you need to create your profile on CIC’s official website Link - - Add everything within the profile and then it will give you your CRS score (Comprehensive Ranking System) under the various parameters.

5) Then with that score wait for the draw which CIC announces and if in that draw or the cut-off list your profile score or scored CRS score matches up or gets higher, you'll receive an ITA (invitation to apply). This is a green signal from the Canadian government that based on the CRS scores you are eligible to apply with all your documents but it should be done within 60 days. Because once this 60 days period gets over, the ITA stands cancelled. So, make sure you submit all the documents within these 60 days. If this period passes away then the applicant will need to initiate the whole procedure again.

Documents you’ll need to produce:-

ECA Assessment, Passport, IELTS score sheet, Marriage status proof if married, working experience with reference details, Last 3 years ITR, Medical Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate, Proof of Funds I.e. $12K-$14K per applicant.

Finally the application fees of $1040 per applicant. All this to be done within 60 days.

6) In the final stage, they’ll verify everything you have shared and they might call you for a meeting for which you need to be well prepared. If they find everything ok, then they'll send you the COPR (confirmation of permanent residence) thru the mail and further call you for a visa.

This is the simple step by step procedure for the Express entry. As everything is needed from you and all the procedure is online. So, From this point on if somebody is asking for the big amount please refuse to throw your hard-earned money to them and apply your application by yourself.

Also, this information is subject to change as the government keeps changing the procedure from time to time. So, research well before applying or you may follow us for any such update on this.

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