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A Tech Draw of Ontario Province can help you immigrate to Canada

Updated: Jan 11

This program is designed to identify people from around the world with technological proficiency. As this program is mainly launched to fill the gap of the technological sector of Ontario region thus it is regulated under OINP. This program helps OINP to fulfil the needs of the employers based in Ontario. For the success of this initiative, OINP themselves indulges with the stakeholders across the province and after a proper survey or face to face meetings this tech draws Occupation are chosen for this program.

How does this work?

This opportunity comes under the HCPS (Human Capital Priorities Stream). Under this program, the OINP searches the express entry pool to find those candidates who have:-

A) Met with the criteria of the HCPS

B) Experience in any of the targeted NOC code under the NOI (Notification of Interest) List

What do you need to do?

Under this program, First, you need to create the account with the IRCC Express Entry Pool. IF under the Tech Draw the OINP recognizes you for having the experience with any of the NOC Code mentioned under the list of NOI. They will send you the Notification of Interest. Which doesn’t mean that you have qualified for any stream, but whereas after that receipt in your IRCC online account, you need to first confirm your eligibility by referring to the program guides. If you qualify under Ontario’s express entry HCPS, Then within the 45 calendar days you will have to submit your application to OINP.

After that processing, your application will be assessed on the basis or following the regulations of Ontario’s Immigration Act 2015. And then the supply of the decision (Yes or No) will be delivered accordingly.

Now the list of the NOC codes under the NOI is as follows:-

List of Notification of Interest NOC Codes under the tech draw Ontario
NOC 2172: Database Analysts and Data Administrators
NOC 2173: Software Engineer and Designer
NOC 2174: Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
NOC 2175: Web Developers and Designers
NOC 2147: Computer Engineers
NOC 0213: Computer and Information Systems Managers

These are the occupations in which you need to show the experience failing in which could result in the refusal of the application. So, demonstrate your work experience in any of these NOC Codes properly.

To feed your query concerning this Visa or to provide any feedback to them, you may email them on the address:

Supporting Employers under this Program

If you are a tech employer in Ontario and willing to fulfil your shortage talent need, you may contact thru an email:

A team is deputed to help such employers:

By making them understand about the various federal and provincial pathways to do so.

By taking the info sessions, in-person or by teleconference meetings

And help personally by dedicated staff to acquire their shortage of labour or in hiring the foreign talent, in retaining the International Student and in getting the skilled workers faster.

Estimated time for the HCPS to process the application is 30 to 60 days. Once applied, the employers also have the option to see the status of their application here.


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