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Canada Student Visa Rejected?

Avoid these mistakes This Time! And Immigrate to Canada for sure.

There could be so many reasons that your Canada's student visa got rejected. Some of the potential reasons could be:

  • Choosing a non - licensed Visa Consultancy

Check with your agent that does he have the licence issued by the Canadian body or not. As it’s seen in India that, Agents with no knowledge of visa procedures are actually applying for visas and clients taste rejections for their mistakes. Visa applications have many parameters and meeting these all promises to secure a visa. So, Choose only a Licensed Agent.

A recent client told me about a well-known agency that is also taking IELTS and help students with their visas, told him that you don't need to file an SOP or not many documents are needed while you apply for under the SDS stream whereas this is a wrong practice. For your reference, the webinar from Canada's embassy which was conducted on 14th July 2021 suggested you must file your SOP. While applying, one should try to file as many documents as one can.

  • IELTS Score matters

Try to file this time with a good score. Again there are many IELTS coaching centres but the majority of them are not even clear about the fundamentals of it and more so, they don’t know how to score well in your IELTS test. So, Choose good tutors, not the companies.

  • SOP with Unclear Intentions

Preparing an SOP is the most important part of any application. The success lies in that 1000 words essay. Emphasis on, coming back and what you should be doing once you’ll finish this course, should be made. Also, try to show the opportunity in India after the completion. SOP making is a technical job, Hire Somebody with good experience who can make it for you.

Apart from this, there can be some other reasons too.

What should you do?

  • Order your GCSM Notes from the Embassy. As it consists of all points of consideration due to which the application failed to get a visa.

  • Contact the licensed Practicing Immigration Lawyer or an RCIC Agent of Canada & show these notes to him/her.

  • Check out with them what can be done now. They will be in a better position to suggest to you the best way.

NOTE: These immigration lawyers and licensed agents can actually reverse your case to give your application success.

Also, cross-check the license no. of both or to whomsoever you engage because through their license no. They can be screwed.

For Lawyers, check their License number and cross-check it from the BAR COUNCIL of the state where they are registered. Their License would be like: state initials/number/year (AP/XXX/2021)


For Agents cross-check their license key on this link:

Don’t Panic, Just follow this & May you’ll Succeed this time

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