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Fast Track British Columbia PNP Program without LMIA

Along side the Canada-US border, there are 4 provinces of Canada - Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta. When accounted together, these provinces accommodate almost 86% of the total population of Canada. Thereby these areas are the most populous & prosperous in terms of any facility, education and employment.

It has also be seen that these states produce most of the opportunities as well. These provinces are the ones, where immigrants mostly want to settle down. Hence, these provinces keep introducing some of the programs to attract the man power useful for their growth and prosperity.

Amongst these four, B.C (British Columbia) is investing more in technological industry and development. Thus, under the technological sector B.C is trying hard to produce the highest number of local talents by introducing them to the technical education from their early age.

In addition to encouraging their own people, they are also attracting people of technological background from around the world and also motivating the employers of B.C through different policies too for eg. A program PNP PILOT under which employers get leverage to call the international employees.

A program known as BC PNP TECH PILOT PROGRAM, launched in May 2017 helped many international techies to settle down in Canada.

As B.C has a shortage of techies in their province, they have offered 29 eligible occupations through which an international candidate can apply under this PILOT PNP.

The list of those skilled tech jobs are as follows:-

This opportunity is best suited to the international Canadian students and any aspirant having a technological background with experience in any of the occupation listed above.

Eligibility criteria

The offer letter should be from the above list and for a minimum of 365 days. Also, at the time of applying under the BC provincial programme, the offer letter should have at least 120 days remaining.

NO LMIA is Required if applying from this list of 29 occupations.

The applications in these 29 technology occupations will be given a priority. As per the stats, 80% of the cases under this get settled in 2-3 months time frame.

If you want to inquire about anything under this special programme then you may connect through this.

We at are on the mission to support you with the information needed to get settled abroad for free. Here we update every available possibility to immigrate to your desired country under various programs. You may research by yourself or can connect to us for the latest updates or to see for other possibilities.

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