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Are you planning to study in Canada?


Canada tops the list of your priority when it comes to studying abroad?

Why choose to study in Canada? 

You will love to know that amongst some of the best learning programs in the world, maple land is like a home to some of the best research and educational institutions around the world. In addition to this, consistently universities in Canada have always been at the top, in ranking internationally and when it comes to the recognition amongst impressive employers, all over the world. In fact, in one study in 2016 three Canadian universities ranked among the top 50 universities around the world.

There are many types of Canadian institutions to choose from, but whether you go to university, college, or vocational school, you can never doubt the Canadian education system on delivering a world-class level of education for sure.


So, before you start searching for a Canadian university, there are some key points to remember. Here is an easy step by step guide you can keep handy while searching for some good universities.


1.  How to select a course to study in Canada

Your selection of a program would prove to be an important aspect in deciding whether you will get the study permit or not. Thus, you need to research an appropriate institution there in Canada for your specific program covering every module that you want to pursue. And, Jump Kangaroo, here makes a difference over others by providing the program recommendations based on thorough research work, your work experience and your educational history. Which will give you an edge to succeed with your application for sure.


2. How to Apply for free with Jump Kangaroo

After you made a decision on choosing your program or University. You need to prepare your application and submit it We will help you in preparing and submitting your application there. You then need a letter of acceptance (also known as LOA) from a Canadian study centre (with a valid DLI no. assigned by the Canadian government) to apply for your visa. And Jump Kangaroo further helps you in completing all these procedures speedily to get the LOA as soon as possible.


3. Apply for a Student Permit

With your admission letter in hand, you will be ready to apply for your course

permission. Jump Kangaroo then will make your proper SOP (Statement Of Purpose) covering all important points. As it is a technical draft that will clear your intent to the immigration officer. After this preparation, we will submit your application to the embassy then your process of  Immigration to Canada will commence. If your study permit gets approved, then you can go to Canada! But here, you will just get the grant to enter Canada for once. As you reach the Canadian airport, you’ll be given your entry introduction letter. This point is also known as the Canadian Port of Entry (POE). If your permit is approved there, the Canadian government will grant your study permit. 



Here is an International Student Document Checklist for you:

Specific documentation is required for the student visa’s application procedure. 

Below is the list of required documents that may be requested from you before we put your application for submission.

Letter of Admission: A letter sent by the school confirming your admission to your learning program.

Proof of Financial Support: Proof of financial support for any family members coming with you. You must show enough funds that can cover your tuition fees and your living expenses (accommodation, food, etc.) in your first year in Canada.

Identity documents: Birth certificate, marriage certificate and passport.



Processing Time for your file or study permit visa

Processing time for the study permits varies widely. The time it takes depends upon the country from which you are filing your application. The shortest processing time is 1-2 weeks, but some applicants may expect to wait as long as 16 weeks. Processing times depend on the volume of applications currently they are dealing with. If you apply near the beginning of the Canadian academic year you can expect the delay but if you have applied 3-4 months before the session then you may get it on or before time.


Canadian Study Permit Conditions

There are a few terms and conditions attached to the Canadian study permit. You must respect these terms to enjoy all the benefits while you are in Canada during your study duration.

  • You must register at a designated study centre (DLI)

  • You must register as a part-time student or full-time student if studying in Quebec

  • You must not take any approved leaves for more than 150 days from your Study program

You will find that Studying in Canada is not as expensive as the other countries like Australia, the USA, and the UK. Comparatively, the Canadian tuition fees are lower than their counterparts.

When deciding where to study abroad, the cost of living and the fee structure are some of the important aspects to think upon. The cost of living in Canada can be very expensive in some of the places near the main cities, whereas compared to some faraway places from the main cities could cut down on these major chunks out of your pocket and we at Planet E visa solutions guide you with fuller transparency to avail you the option of your choice and which will be suiting your budget too.


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Study in Canada

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